10 Comments on “Randy Pedersen’s Pro Tips | More Tips from Randy”

  1. PDW has a point there, in my opinion. Some of my best tosses felt like I was not even throwing a bowling ball. Similar to hitting a golf shot and it feels like a practice swing. Obviously, yes the ball was thrown (or hit in golf) but it does not feel forced at all.

  2. 7:00 I use zero grip pressure… I wiggle my fingers and thumb while using my index finger, almost the entire time my ball is swinging to prevent grabbing

  3. How about the other way around I suck on house (league bowling) much better on sport shots (tournament bowling )

  4. Randy, can you do a video for just using one ball with different releases, hand positioning and angles? There are some league bowlers who don’t believe in changing balls much but want the same ball to react differently without going to change to another equipment as a last result.

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