14 Comments on “Randy Pedersen’s Pro Tips | Timing and Footwork”

  1. Right foot work and timing….Why so I can be a hack, who talks about his only claim 2 fame every other min

    1. Hack??? The guy is only in the bowling Hall of Fame. Also voted one of the 50 greatest bowlers in PBA history. He has 14 more PBA titles than you (or I) will ever have.

    2. His claim 2 fame….Leaving a 8pin and acting like a jerk off at TOC in Connecticut because he left a 10 pin….I felt so bad for Norm Duke, live TV and randy acting like a child

  2. Thanks for all the great tips, Randy. I’m still working on a lot of thing, especially having a softer follow through and a more consistent release. Consistency is one of the things I have struggled with more than anything.

  3. This is gonna be making my bowling 10x better, ill be thinking of this every time i see a bowling lane. Good video 👏👍

  4. I love the video. Like you, techniques have changed. My real issue now is that I am 80 yrs old and
    it is hard to apply consistently the necessary changes. Do you have any suggestions?

  5. I would say one key, to speed, is the elevation of the ball, in the beginning. See that most PBA bowlers start around the same height? As a teen I tried 3-step approach, after seeing an older bowler have success with it. Not that easy to switch from 4-step. Pushaway is a major key to speed. Start ‘high’ roll a faster ball~~~~! Randy has been a great commentator for years now.

  6. YES. I recently transitioned from one hand thumbless to conventional with my thumb, I needed this to help with my overall technique. Randy is the man 😤🔥

  7. Randy is awesome couldn’t ask for a better announcer and rep for bowling over all, love the knowledge he shares and the witty commentary, stuff like that ball went out for a burger and fries and came back with steak & potatoe…lol can’t wait for some new ones this season! Thx for all you do for Bowling Randy.

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