Randy Pedersen’s Pro Tips | Why Are Pro Bowlers So Good?

PBA Hall of Famer Randy Pedersen talks bowling basics with your personal bowling style, a good warmup and practice routine, bowling terminology and he explains why pro bowlers are so good.

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30 Comments on “Randy Pedersen’s Pro Tips | Why Are Pro Bowlers So Good?”

    1. @Josh Gersten But they can be both heavier and white. TV back then was poor quality so it was a lot harder to see the pin action with gold pins.

    2. @drwisdom1 you can see what deodorant people are wearing today. Not too concerned with TV picking up the pins in 2022 and on

  1. I started bowling in 1979, had a Johnny Petraglia LT-48, and have watched Mr. Pedersen’s entire career. He is right, bowling has changed so much it has been revolutionized. Without all the power of reactive resin balls and synthetic lanes I wouldn’t be able to beat the stong young guys. But with pros most older guys from before modernization couldn’t compete and it ended Mr. Pedersen’s career. But it worked out good for him because he ascended to be the voice of bowling.

    1. I would like to see Randy bowling in the 50 tour if he is not already. Love his style of bowling back in the 80’s and 90’s.

  2. Is watching the video necessary? What is the 60 year old saying? “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?………. Answer practice.” Study the greats, Learn how your body Works with the tools you are given, practice. There are no shortcuts.

  3. “Know your game” – that’s it. I have always wanted to be versatile and roll the ball differently when needed. The problem is that I altered my approach in the process – which led to chronic inconsistency and lack of confidence. I typically average in the 190s.

    After bowling a 495 series in summer league one night and questioning my bowling existence for the umpteenth time – I finally came to my senses and realized that I am the most accurate with a particular approach, and whatever variations I make with regards to ball roll need to be from this approach. The last six weeks league nights I am averaging 216.

    And now that I know what to expect from myself, I can better see when I am not the problem, and maybe I need a ball change or a different ball layout. Thanks, Randy – good stuff.

  4. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I see so many youth coaches trying to force kids into whatever the “meta” is. Nice to hear a pro say “Find your style”

  5. It’s awesome that Mike Miller and Osku Palerma got recognition in this video. Mike Miller is the best thumbless bowler of all time, impeccable timing and balance.

    1. I bowled one handed thumb out in the middle 90s. I was bowling a league with heavy oil and couldn’t get my ball to hook enough to strike consistently. Another bowler was bowling thumb out and getting a lot of strikes but couldn’t pick up any spares. Took me over a year to get comfortable throwing thumb out in league. I would bowl thumb in or thumb out depending on conditions. Interestingly, on that heavy oil pattern I had my best series of 782 by dinking the ball down the 15 board at about 10 mph. The pins would just topple over. Had 17 in a row at one point and left 4 single pins on the same lane the last game!

  6. Pro bowler really aren’t much better than regular bowler actually. but it’s all experience. but pro bowlers really aren’t much better than any other bowler especially regulatr peopel who worked on it.. Heck I didn’t even havfe any collgge bowling and I had to fuiogure it outr for myself, plus i use science and commen sense. common sense tells me not to competre against anybody because everybody has an qual chance anyway.

    I quit bowling, or I quuit wantting to be professional when I came to my sensses, and everybody that unbderstands science, and the Heisenberg Principle knows that he has just as much chance as anybody else. no pros are not really any better. but it is a game of sparwes not strikes, and just liuck.

    sorry oif tythings aren’t speeled right but I ca’t see what I;’ doing do it may be wwritten wrong. Strictly unintyentional to me. I need my gglasses, and I doin’t want to botrher getting them because I dshould already have them with me rigth now. so sorry.

  7. easy… because they practice every single day many hours, bowling isn’t about a fancy style, is about the ability of being consistent with your own way of playing bowling

  8. Boy in that last comment I really had to concede to bad spelling, but I didn’t have my glasses at the time, and didn’t want to get them at that moment.

    there are no better bowlers though than anyone else. it’s unfortunately a game of luck, and that’s why I Quit it. and I quit wasting money as well. I haven’t bought a ball in 20 years if that tells the wise man anything. Have fun but be wise — you can have fun

    Remember that it’s just a game, and have confidence that you won’t win that often and you’ll be alright. Also have confidence in perhaps low scores as well. and never-never want a perfect game because you’ll never get them that much.

    I actually don’t want a strike if I throw a good ball, and in that way I’m up with the best bowlers, and the pros as well. so if the ball is a good ball and I know it then I just count it as a strike, and in that way the 10 pin is okay if it’s standing because I don’t look at the standards of the commission, nor man’s standards of what is good, but I look at whether it would of been a strike or not especially if it’s a good ball. All that I care about is throwing a good ball not whether it is a strike or not. Also I don’t like how the Commission controls the lanes in such a way where it is so hard, and I don’t want these people who really don’t care if you ball good or not controlling how many strikes that I can get. All of the lanes should be the same. I want fairness I guess. It has to be fair. All of the lanes should be roughly donw the same with good conditions. Of course a bowler may have a preference to how long the lane pattern is, and they can bowl on that pattern instead of a long pattern. i personally think that a longer pattern might be much better. Although I haven’t decided after all of these years what is really better. but of course i have one-half foot so I can’t bowl anymore to find out what pattern that i like the most.

    However I know that even with well taken care of lanes that you still have to deal with the conditions on the lane because they have never eliminated the condition issues unfortunately, and so you can’t blame the management for everything even with really good conditions.

    Well hopefully I can find a Cure for the game if some day they are somehow able to eliminate lane conditions altogether (hopefully). But now I can actually predict mostly every time when it strikes when it hits the pocket even before it hits the pocket because I can tell whether it’s a good ball or not (usually), but it happens so fast it is sort of hard to do that every time though, but I do it most of the time.

    Anyway hope this helps you. Good luck anyway even though it’s a game of spares. You must know that it’s not of Strikes but spares most of the time. and you may even get your 7 or 8 strikes per game who knows, and at least a 250 score to boot. Good luck though and have fun anyway.

  9. From 1980 – 2022 the one indispensable is repetition. Strictly speaking, it’s different from accuracy. The same approach, same release, same orientation, and, yes, the same spot. You can read lanes, but it does you know good if you can’t throw the same shot twice. It takes athletic skill to begin with, but everyone needs tons of practice to be truly consistent.

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