Rare split conversion by pro bowler Dick Allen

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3-time PBA Tour champion Dick Allen converts the nearly impossible 2-8-10 split during the PBA Bear Open finals on CBS Sports Network. For more info, visit pba.com.

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17 Comments on “Rare split conversion by pro bowler Dick Allen”

  1. yup ive made it once… but it was bouncing out the 8 into the 10… never the 7-10… still insanely hard to do!

  2. Back in 2011, I had the honor of bowling with Richie at the USBC Masters in Las Vegas. I’m probably not the 1st person to say that this is the most down to Earth, respectful, helpful, and humble bowler I have ever met. I was there as an ametuer and despite bowling in a major, he still gave me hints and tips as we went along. Between our turns, we would sit at the table and talk about anything and everything. It didn’t matter if it was about bowling or not. It was well worth the trip and the amount of money paid just to have this experience. I was afraid to start chatting with him but it went the other way around. He started the conversation with me. Oh, that’s a hell of split conversion right there.

  3. I ever spare this split but by hitting the pins in the middle agressively and the 8 pin will deflect to the 10 pin

  4. Had a friend who threw two balls at the same time just to get a split… Luckily we didn’t get kicked out looool

  5. I’ve made the 2-4-8-10 one time before, but never the 2-8-10. I’ve tried throwing a backup ball and almost got it but the ball didnt tick the 8 hard enough to knock it over ._.

  6. I’ve actually made this before, thought it was tough but needed a little luck to pick it up. Never made a 7-10, though I rarely have been in the position.

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