15 Comments on “Rash AIRBALLS the 3-4-6-7-9-10 Split 😭 #pbabowling #shorts #funny”

  1. i miss rash being so funny and cheerful. i feel like everytime we see him now its so much more gloomy and irritable.

    1. @migmag_ and deservedly so. I found Megat’s comment humorous seeing Packy is 2 handed, lefty, and loves using Urethane.

    2. @CypherVariety damn i didn’t even realise that coincidence lmao. I just said based on rash’s past matches 🤣

  2. Ya know, it’s a shame Sean has destroyed his reputation over the past couple of years (and especially with his recent “is this how you’re supposed to bowl?” post) because he really seemed to have changed his personality

  3. He posted a double double the next game with 10 three pointers and 6 assists and topped it off by crunching water bottles

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