30 Comments on “Rolltech PBA World Championship 12 17 2015 (HD) – Audio Lag”

    1. +dynamicoranges I think that’s because I just uploaded it a little bit ago and YT is still processing. It doesn’t even let me pick HD yet and I uploaded 1080. I think later today or maybe tomorrow it will be fine. My source file has audio in sync with video.

  1. Tackett’s ball choices were awful. Why on earth he decided to use pearl when there was no traffic on the right side is beyond me. It’s the only reason why he loses on TV.

    1. +Bowling Brawn good question I couldn’t tell. I thought it looked red like one of the Jackals but maybe it was still the primal.

    2. +Brendan Rogers Tackett’s gonna have to stop bowling so well during the week lol, maybe if he came in as a 3 or 4 seed he’d do better than when he’s the 1 seed.

    3. Yeah, EJ is a spectacular bowler, but his problem is the fact that his ball decision is horrible, he was throwing the primal rage, his favorite motiv ball, and that ball just skids too much for what he was needing the ball to do, he should’ve been throwing that octane from the beginning

    4. +Brendan Rogers I agree, Tackett is a spectacular bowler, but he needs to realize that throwing his favorite ball doesn’t mean he’ll win, he needs to honestly learn to square up and let the ball do its work and match up to the conditions not force the ball to match up to the conditions

  2. My god you’re my savior. I can never watch the shows and you’re speedy on the uploads! Subbed. Keep it up please!

    1. +James Mitchell I know and it upsets me because my source mpg file is totally fine. YT screwed something up on this one. I am looking but I can’t replace the file (to try and upload again). It only lets me delete it 🙁

  3. That little dude is Wee Man…he was on Jackass back in the day.

    Also, the audio and video aren’t in sync.


  4. Well since he did well as number one seed 🌍then in the final match he probably was needing to the same thing but how come ???¿???????????

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