Ron & Fez | Opie & Anthony – The Race Debate: Earl Vs. Ant (2008)

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R&F producer Earl Douglas denounces Anthony Cumia as a genuine racist; Earl & Ant exchange ideologies over several on-air arguments, leading up to the 2008 U.S. presidential election. 10/23, 10/24, 1027/08

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41 Comments on “Ron & Fez | Opie & Anthony – The Race Debate: Earl Vs. Ant (2008)”

    1. This thread is a complete shitshow of the worst of both the right and the left wing. I love it. Please never change, you autistic retards.

    2. Ant has a problem of being fixated on the negative, I don’t think it comes from a place of hate or anything but comes from trying to bring content to the show

    3. I disagree with a lot of things he says too, but I still enjoy going back and listening to O&A / R&F all these years later.. I personally believe that a lot of white people in his general age range share the same feelings, he’s just way more open and honest about it. I actually have a lot of respect for him in that regard.

  1. If we seriously gave black people 40 acres and a mule, first off that’d be 67% of all the land in the USA, not to mention 41 million mules.

    40M black people x 40 acres / 640 (640 acres = 1sqr mile) = 2,562,500 square miles out of 3.79M square miles.

    1. Earl wants reparations, yet doesn’t know a lot about his own history. That’s just some phrase he heard a lot over the course of his life. He’s a dolt. A lovable dolt, but a dolt none the less.

    2. Then why was it a government issued order to do so if it wasn’t viable? It was simply redistributing confederate land to the people who were enslaved and horribly mistreated for decades before.

  2. It’s funny how Ant knocked Obama for not having enough political experience but then supports Trump for that very reason.

    1. @atleast6people If you’re dead from lack of access to basic healthcare or food you can’t really pursue anything, let alone happiness.

    2. Boomzy every person in America has access to basic healthcare lol. It’s just the cost of it. Also you 100% can. If one person has gone from nothing to something so can you. Have you seen pursuit of happiness lol. Why is he different than anyone else other than working harder lol.

    3. @Boomzy What Right to Life does someone have who is drowning in the Pacific?
      And liberty is one of the hardest fought battles in every generation.
      The pursuit of happiness is a natural right, but happiness is subjective, so you can always ruin that as well.
      Don’t confuse poetry with reality. Those are the things we should work towards; casual references to them do not mean we get them for free in perpetuity.

  3. I gotta agree with the Gays argument. It seems the only people ever offended by words are blacks. If gays up and said you can’t say fag anymore only we can say that people would laugh at them. Yeah the N word is vicious and used to degrade by actual racists but at the same time in Russia gays get slaughtered for being gay. I would love a world where words are no longer taken so damn seriously but the way things are I feel it’s only getting worse

  4. It drives me nuts when Earl says “racial epitaphs” over and over, he really is clueless.. He really does sound like an uneducated N-person whenever he talks race.

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