Sam Cooley: ‘It’s Like Living A Childhood Dream In Real Life’

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Sam Cooley talks about chasing his dream of becoming a PBA Tour champion and the role his late mother played in his career after winning on Cheetah.

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2 Comments on “Sam Cooley: ‘It’s Like Living A Childhood Dream In Real Life’”

  1. Congrats Sam! Sorry lost your Mom and tough to go forward when one loses biggest fan. Kelly Kulick went though similar difficult time when her Mom passed. She needed time to be in a good place and motivated again. Best of luck for the future.

  2. Very happy for Sam’s win. I lost my mom a year and a half ago, going through all her stuff and settling her affairs while going thru grief is one of the hardest things in life one has to do. It’s so emotionally draining, there are days its hard to get out of bed, let alone compete at this level. Sending virtual “mom hugs” to Sam if he needs them.

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