Sean Rash Converts Unbelievable 7-10 Split Conversion At The 2019 PBA Tournament of Champions

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Sean Rash converted the 7-10 during match play at the 2019 PBA Tournament of Champions and you must see the unbelievable way he converted it.


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23 Comments on “Sean Rash Converts Unbelievable 7-10 Split Conversion At The 2019 PBA Tournament of Champions”

  1. That is the best 7-10 conversion I have ever seen! It’s the first I’ve seen where it didn’t pop out of the back, it actually slides over

    1. @Bradley Walker you must be unaware of his hips. He’s also limited now since he wants to spend time in Australia with his family. He can’t compete in every tournament every year.

    2. @TraumaER nah. He just catches alot of crap for being good and having an unconventional style. I like seeing the greatest dominate. Just like I pull for Tiger and Brady.

    3. @Bradley Walker ok fair enough. I like Tiger too. Saw him in person a few years ago. On another level. Brady seems like a jerk but he’s great too lol.

  2. how is this even possible? the only thing i can think of is that the 10 moved a couple inches right either on the first ball or when it got racked.

    hella impressive either way

    1. i saw an open bowler pick it up like that with a 6lbs ball. rolled off to the side and clip the 10 pin to slide into the 7 lol

    2. I think it is because behind 10-pin.. it has some space. You saw on vid that the head of the pin catch it.. not the whole body of pin. So it means that it does not move 90 degree left. It has some forward on it too.

  3. Ehh that looked awfully close to being in the gutter and hitting the 10…. but I guess I’m just a Rash hater lol

    1. All depends on the curtain in the back. You must have an incredibly accommodating and easy curtain that allows bounces. Likely not regulation.

    2. Dude, PBA stats show that PBA members pick the split up less than 1% of the time. So regardless of how many times you claim to have picked it up, it’s hard.

    3. @Matt Schlicht you can’t spare the split without bouncing it off the back curtain. Also I looked you up and you barely average 180 on a house shot so I seriously doubt you’ve even made this spare once

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