Sean Rash Shows How to Convert the 7-10 Split During Tournament of Champions Match Play

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During round one of 2019 Tournament of Champions match play, Sean Rash converts the 7-10 split in unique fashion.

Originally webcast live on FloBowling from AMF Riviera Lanes in Fairlawn, Ohio.

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36 Comments on “Sean Rash Shows How to Convert the 7-10 Split During Tournament of Champions Match Play”

  1. And wow he slid it over no bounce out of the pit,very very rare. Just an absolute perfect shot. Congrats Sean!

    1. And they say it’s physically impossible to slide the pin over. I guess you could bounce the ball out of the gutter, but that’s probably illegal.

    2. That’s my reaction too. I literally said aloud “how did that pin stay on the deck?!”. Incredible. And, you’re right @Mitjitsu, if a ball bounces out of the pit, any pins it knocks down do not count (USBC rule 6b). So, the strategy (using that word generously), it to throw the ball as hard as possible at the 7 or the 10 pin. It’s not infrequent to see pins bounce back on the deck, and even sometimes beyond the sweep, with well-placed, powerful throws of 22 mph+.

    1. It’s way easier if a couple of extra pins are stuck in the pit and a loose curtain at the same time, that would be a bonus for help.

    2. @VinylToVideo if you told me that prior to me seeing this video , i would claim no way, both right handed at the 10 ?

    3. @Berry McGregor I believe so.. once was when I was still a kid but the other time was maybe around 2016 or 2017.

  2. I have NEVER seen or thought of it being picked up that way. I know him, Tommy Jones and all the rest of those guys who throw it 20+ mph pick them up all the time just about.

    1. Not every bounce conversion is sheer luck (I mean they know where to hit it to get it to bounce right) but I see what you mean. This is definitely more impressive

    2. @Neil Hatrick Harris That would require knowing the make and model of the pit. On newer models getting a bounce out is much more difficult.

    3. @Mitjitsu on newer models its harder to get a bounce out, yes. but you still try to hit the pin (if its the 10 pin) 45 degrees on the left side, it kicks it into the pit and just hope for a bounce. doesnt matter the make or model of it, its hit the same way.

  3. That might be the most amazing shot ever made in the history of bowling and the announcers either weren’t watching closely enough to notice what happened or didn’t know what they saw was truly the holy grail or unicorn of the sport. What an amazing shot to make it natural.

  4. First real 7-10 conversion I’ve seen. All others conversions I’ve seen…the pin bounces back out, then converts.

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