Sean Rash’s TV Struggles

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One of the most notorious players for struggling on TV is Sean Rash. So let's make a full on video series just about it!

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29 Comments on “Sean Rash’s TV Struggles”

    1. He is kinda of a mean guy honestly I’ve I knew him before he became pro and he’s been that way for while

  1. I’m here because I don’t like him as a person or his personality. I”m glad when he doesn’t win. I was especially glad when Jason called him a clown twice on live tv.

    1. ​ @DASO MILITIA Yeah, but when your one of the best bowlers on tour and have 13 major pba titles before your 40.. No one will care at the end of the day. However, Sean rash will just be known as a clown and a hot head. Belmo from what I’ve heard has come a long ways with his on and off lane etiquette since then. I’m probably biased because I love belmo, but at the same time I have a pretty reasonable point.

    2. ​@Trevor Przepiora Rash is still one of the best bowlers on tour just Belmo is above and beyond substantially anybody else. Last year he made like $100K more than the second person.

    3. @lil sis so definitely agree about seeing him struggle… they say Pete Weber is the bad boy… Sean Rash is the Real bad boy.

    4. @Nick Lang. Yeah a bad boy who suck on TV like the 2009 Chameleon Championship where he whiff the 3-6-9-10 and lost by count on Ronnie Russell which is a 172-170 match btw. The 2010 & 2011 WSOB is a different story. I like Sean better be with 900 Global cause not only he’s getting better but also he’s bad games made Brunswick as the sucking brand (plus I love Brunswick and I’m glad to be part) and I super hate that some Storm Bowlers kept pointing fingers at Brunswick as a bad brand, everybody had their own choice of a Ball Company ok.

  2. The biggest example of why bowling is “90% mental, 10% physical”. But if Sean Rash can have so many TV struggles and still win as much as he has, that says something.

  3. It’s always when they mention his exemption at risk lol. They did that in his game against Francois too. And he lost against a Belmo ball

  4. “You get what you put in… and people get what they deserve.” – Kid Rock
    Sean Rash is proof karma exists! 🙄

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