Shocking Finish As Tim Foy Jr. Sends Jason Belmonte To Losers Bracket At 2021 USBC Masters

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Watch the stunning finish to the match between Jason Belmonte and Tim Foy Jr. in the first round of bracket play at the 2021 USBC Masters.


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34 Comments on “Shocking Finish As Tim Foy Jr. Sends Jason Belmonte To Losers Bracket At 2021 USBC Masters”

  1. I have to admit … it’s hard to not root for Belmo. Nice job Tim for finishing well when he needed it.

    1. This isn’t this first bad year belmo’s had in his career it happens, every year is different some are bad some are good belmo’s is just having a bad year this year it happens to everyone who plays a sport for a long period of time

  2. How does he get away with using his nickname on the back of his shirt? Simply using “Belmo” seems a bit pretentious.

    1. I mean when half the casters are referring to you as Belmo, I think you get the green pass.

    2. Cause the entire bowling world sucks belmo off. He could have his shirt just have his picture or logo on it and nobody would complain except for rash.

  3. Belmo u still the man I play your bowling game on my breaks everyday at work btw great job to both guys

  4. Belmo is not throwing like he did when he was younger. Maybe his time is drawing to a close.

    1. what do you mean not throwing it like he is.. hes purposely slowing his ball speed down, because the pattern is almost reversed. This pattern is more demanding the higher rev bowler you are. you can’t just throw it the same way everytime and except to be a good bowler.

  5. Wow, quite the mental mistake by Belmo, surprised. All he needed was a decent count to shut Tim out. 7 count I think, should have played it tight. Oh well, it happens, usually the best don’t make their mistakes mentally though. Did a good job in the loser’s bracket, but that’s a lot of work, and didn’t make it out.

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    1. @Dylan Haagen I see. So tell us all, Einstein … how much affect would a 40-ft oil pattern have vs a 32-ft oil pattern on a player’s hook that generally covers 10 boards, at most? Or could it be that you’re just shitposting and don’t really know what you’re talking about? My money’s on the latter. 😉

  7. When’s the last time you saw Belmo leave a washout? That’s how tough the oil pattern was during the week

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