Slow Motion Bowling Epic Showdown! (PBA WSOB XI Edition)

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I Love You 3000! To celebrate your support with our first 3,000 Subscribers, here I made a special one for you!

This is my Slow Motion Bowling Epic Showdown! (PBA WSOB XI Edition) for all of you to enjoy.

New intro, new and better resolution, cool speed changes for you to watch the wanted details, and new shots never seen before. ONLY the best shots of each bowler.

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🎳 Featured Bowlers:
Jason Belmonte, AJ Johnson, Anthony Simonsen, Bill O'Neil, Brad Miller, Chris Barnes, Dareen Tang, Dick Allen, EJ Tackett, Francois Lavoie, Jakob Butturf, Jesper Svensson, Kristopher Prather, Kyle Sherman, Kyle Troup, Marshall Kent, Matt Sanders, Michael Tang, Norm Duke, Sam Cooley, Tom Smallwood, Tommy Jones, Nathan BJ Moore, and many more!

Make sure to watch all the way through the video 🙂

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8 Comments on “Slow Motion Bowling Epic Showdown! (PBA WSOB XI Edition)”

  1. This is probably the most entertaining bowling in slow-motion video I have created for you all so far. Hope you like it! Please like, share, and subscribe if you love bowling! Oh, and comment below for a chance to win a cool Christmas Present 🙂

  2. PBA elites catch it all in one go, love this video! It will be more exciting if there are some normal speed videos.

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