Slow motion bowling releases – 2015 USBC Queens, Day 1, A squad

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Slow motion bowling releases of some of the top women bowlers competing at the 2015 USBC Queens at The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For more, visit or and to watch live event coverage, visit

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24 Comments on “Slow motion bowling releases – 2015 USBC Queens, Day 1, A squad”

  1. @The Sport of Bowling – USBC can you make sure to get Tabitha bieri or watch her she is my mom and she is Boling on lane 23 24 at 1:00 today so please put her in some of this and keep an eye on her and give her a shout out or something thanks

    1. Crack your ankle once, and you won’t be bowling like that for a while. I did once, and haven’t been able to bowl decently since.

  2. Women bowlers make bowling an art form. Nearly all women bowlers have that easy stroking style , a joy to watch. ( no stupid remarks guys were all way ahead of you ).

  3. I always hate that women usually have very low rev rates. Like do you expect to have good carry from it or something?

    1. Rev rates lower cause fingers high up the ball at point of release. Getting hand more inside / behind / ‘under’ the ball at point of release would increase rev rate.

  4. Beautiful swings but a bit surprised you didn’t show any where the oil pattern forced the bowler to land the ball farther out on the lane.

  5. One of the biggest differences between a man’s release and a woman’s, is the position of the fingers at exit of the ball .Kelly’s was the closest to a guys on that video

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