Slow motion bowling releases – 2015 USBC Queens, Day 2, B squad

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Slow motion bowling releases of some of the top women bowlers competing at the 2015 USBC Queens at The Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For more, visit or and to watch live event coverage, visit

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21 Comments on “Slow motion bowling releases – 2015 USBC Queens, Day 2, B squad”

  1. Not inappropriate at all. They are looking good to me. It’s great to see some athletic, not over fed, healthy looking bowlers in the USA.

  2. Absolutely wonderful PWBA is back I’ve been watching and glad to see them able to compete on a regular basis.

  3. If someone could answer this for me please I am analyzing their release is the hand supposed to come off the side or front of the ball for the curve effect?

    1. +Rolf Power no one uses the handshake …like throwing a football underhand spiral anymore….look at the video…yeah hand rotates but the fingers come over top the ball…not around the side.

    2. @Jason Boeken No, I don’t either. but it is a good starting point for someone who wants to learn to do it.

    3. Robert Martinez What you do is stay behind ball as long as possible. Hand has no choice but to come around. Your fancy reactive resin does the rest.

    4. Keep your elbow in coming down. Follow thru toward your target with your middle finger or ring finger behind the ball as long as possible. Your hand with Naturally turn the ball.

    5. Robert Martinez the fingers are more behind the ball early in the downswing..but as the ball drops, the bowler is rotating the hand with the palm more to the side. What is nearly impossible to see is the thumb leaving the hol e just before the fingers do

  4. It looks like the hand is not behind the ball at the moment of release. The hand is on the top of the ball. It contradicts what I learned from the coach. Why?

    1. Steve Song擇鄰地産 it can be difficult for women to keep their hands behind or underneath the ball. It takes a decent amount of wrist strength to maintain that position. This is why their rev rates are lower than the men’s PBA members.

    2. Thumb comes out First, Then the Fingers lift and the hand rotates around the ball. It is very quick but All elite bowlers do this. Except Belmo!! No thumb! LoL

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