Slow Motion Releases – 2015 BowlmorAMF US Open Day 2

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A collection of slow motion releases from some of the best bowlers in the world during day 2, B and C squad qualifying at the 2015 BowlmorAMF US Open from AMF Garland Lanes in Garland, Texas. Follow the action on or watch live on Xtra Frame at

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12 Comments on “Slow Motion Releases – 2015 BowlmorAMF US Open Day 2”

  1. Love the slow mo videos!! Looks like a lot of light-deflecting hits. Is that due to the pattern or just what yall captured?

    1. pattern, all day today and yesterday if you were watching extra frame most big name pros would only go light swish zone hits or way heavy and left big splits

    2. +Deano Troost ahhh. I figured it was the lane play, just didn’t know for sure. Danielle’s shot was pretty solid in the pocket tho.
      Thanks for the info!
      Really considering subing to xtraframe!

    1. +LuchoVena women can complete if they have a mens pba card believe and she completed in Men’s PBA tour while there was no wemons tour but as im sure you know there is now.

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