10 Comments on “Spares Were Hard to Find at the TOC 😭 #shorts #pbabowling #pbatoc #badshots”

  1. Geesh Bowling Planet you’ve posted quite a few shorts today; I think now u can “SPARE” yourself and have a nice, short break.

    Obviously I’m not totally serious but great to cya back on the upload grind regardless!

  2. The one that makes me the most mad is Anderson missing the 5 pin. Like seriously, why did you not throw your strike ball on that shot? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

    1. Tbf tho, the 3-6-10 can be a nightmare spare to convert under extreme pressure, especially against Belmonte! If it was the 3-6-9-10 then that would’ve been a different story!

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