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Playlist of all 13 parts This is from a classic 1988 “Bowling with Nelson Burton, Jr.” Instructional Learn How to Bowl Bowling Tips VHS Tape aka Bo Burton Jr. the former commentator for the PBA on ABC Sports. I uploaded them in sections with custom title cards for easier YouTube viewing. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day


  1. pretty good video. I actually use the 2 to 1 ratio. any suggestions on just going slightly high on the pocket where it leaves the 10 pin. I normally do take half a step back, but doesn’t always work.

    1. +Andrew Modino Nice! Thanx for the comment. Glad you liked this classic video. Good instruciton ever gets old. I would search YouTube for videos that address that specifically. There’s different reasons you leave the 10 pin. Better than I can explain. If you want o see an interesting video I uploaded form many years ago it shows closeups of how a ball hits the pocket based on how far towards the gutter the ball goes under normal lane conditions “COLUMBIA 300 MESSENGER TITANIUM Bowling Ball Action Different Lines Pin Closeups Fingertip Grip 2002”

  2. Keep these videos coming it sure is a big help for me. Can I purchase these on line some where ?

    1. thanx for the comment glad to share this classic instruction. I think bo burton has a couple of these old vhs tapes you could search the internet for. this one was released by kodak. I checked it out from the local library a very long time ago and transferred it from VHS.

  3. How bout the actual walking to foul line when you adjust where your feet should be at ? Do you still move in straight line or move towards to target ? Let’s say you adjust 6 boards to left before your move , do you move straight or move towards target ?

    1. You would move from the new adjusted starting point on the approach (ie. 3 board to the left) straight towards the new adjusted target on the lane (ie. 1 board to the left of the second arrow) if that is you normal strike mark meaning these days with different types of bowling balls one player’s approach and normal strike mark for regular lanes might be different than what Bo shows in this old video with a Urethane bowling ball. It might look and feel like it’s not correct but it will be if you hit the mark and the pocket. The approach and release should be consistent.

    2. amusement420 thank you . I struggle hitting that exact arrow or board that I aim for , any tips ?

    3. @Keegan Jacobs APPROACH SETUP & GRIP 4/13 BOWLING INSTRUCTION WITH NELSON BO BURTON JR | amusement420 and DELIVERY & RELEASE 5/13 BOWLING INSTRUCTION WITH NELSON BO BURTON JR | amusement420 videos in this series may help.

      For me the push away of the bowling ball on my first step is aimed at the target and it helps focus my eyes on it. Some people will say follow thru with your elbow towards the target. Others will say it feel like a handshake at the target. Don’t try to crank it really hard until you’re comfortable. Take it nice and easy. Then you can speed up your approach over time imho Consistent rhythm and timing during the approach is important and the hardest part of bowling (and why I consider it a sport ; )

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