Stepladder Finals – 2021 PWBA Twin Cities Open

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Watch the stepladder finals from the 2021 PWBA Twin Cities Open at Cedarvale Lanes in Eagan, Minnesota. The finals took place April 24 and were broadcast live on

The stepladder finalists included top seed Missy Parkin, Dasha Kovalova, Erin McCarthy and Kelly Kulick.

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23 Comments on “Stepladder Finals – 2021 PWBA Twin Cities Open”

  1. Ironic. Carolyn Ballard” “Missy Parkin has been knocking, knocking, knocking..she’s about to break through”. Then Parkin throws an absolute stinker of a game and has her doors blown off by Kovolova. You see the difference between someone who’s “competitive” when compared to a real talent..

    1. Im not following your reasoning here. You see the difference because Missy had a bad game? Missy has a ton of accolades that include being on the US National team since a junior in 98. Shes also more than 10 years her senior still competing at highest level. Im not sure you understand what it takes to get to the stepladder finals after qualifying.

    2. Missy is the top seed of the stepladder. And 3 other bowlers have bowled like 4 games on the lanes, excluding the initial 20 minutes or so of practice. Transition takes place. It’s already hard to bowl on the challenging oil pattern, let alone having to adjust to the transition taking place with just 3 shots. Furthermore, Dasha bowled a game prior to the final, so she has an idea of the transition that is taking place, which puts her in favour of the win.

  2. 폴로슬루때엄지끝이3번핀겨냥함?또엄지끝이래인바닥을향해70도정도숙여서굴림?엄지끝으로래인바닥을향해내리꽂듯이하여굴림?그러면브래이크지점에서급격하고파워풀한훅킹이?

  3. More volume at the players. You can barely hear the ball hit the pins! Announcer volume is too loud.

  4. 그리고폴로슬루때에몸의중심이앞에있게함?또공중부양된느낌으로?피니쉬동작에서뒷발을평평히들어올려줌?상채와일직선상으로?그건폭격기자세?

  5. Go Dasha!!! Awesome physical game she has! Reminds me a bit of a female TJ with the back-swing, and that super-clean release at the bottom of the swing. Might not be a rev-rate comparable to the high-rev-rate guys on the PBA-tour, but the ball conserves so much kinetic energi it just destroys the pins! I only wish I could throw it like Dasha Kovalova!

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