14 Comments on “Storm Bowling Video with Norm Duke, Pete Weber, Robert Smith”

  1. Yeah too bad all they care about now is buying everyone out and making a lot of balls to sell, don’t worry about the fact that they die in a month.

  2. Wow people get a life seriously! Am I the only one that KNOWS that its not the bowling ball doing the bowling? Its the person holding the ball you morons. I must be a genious.

  3. i think you should get a life because you only roll the ball, the other half of it is letting the ball do what it does and hitting the pins ive been bowling since i was 2 (kicked the ball down the lane slowly) trust me if you got a crappy bowling ball you cant bowl good

  4. Cool, i always listen to this song from metalica when i go to the bowling alley, thx for the vid…

  5. Not bad but it wouldve been better if you used a norm duke shot without him wearing a Track logo on his polo shirt lol

  6. looooooool @ lane 1 comment. My first reactive was a flame by storm, but now legends & lane masters for life.

  7. brunswick owned factories…

    nah jk ebonite’s good but i prefer brunswick. only two bowling companies imo: brunswick and ebonite

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