Storm | Hot Sauce Spare Challenge – PETE WEBER

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PDW takes on the Hot Sauce Spare Challenge.

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38 Comments on “Storm | Hot Sauce Spare Challenge – PETE WEBER”

    1. I don’t know if Kyle Troup is going to want to do it again after dumping a half gallon of milk on himself the first time…

    1. “Storm”in’ Norman vs. Cancerous Clavin vs. Spare Harrelson. Fitting, what with the Beer Flu going around and all.

  1. I like how there’s always the fire extinguisher by the table 🤣🤣
    Also, great vid! Loving the pros being a part of these challenges 🙂

  2. This was awesome. Its so nice to see PDW sober and healthy again. This was fun to watch, plus you get to see the side of PDW that not many people know. Love it.

  3. Pete Weber is the greatest person to ever hit the PBA! I’m a huge fan and love him! Just think how boring the sport would be without him…

  4. Pete Webers name is on a board for high series at the bowling alley in my town and he knows the owner and the manager of the bowling alley

  5. just seeing my friends go through this it hurts me probably a little less than it does them but it still hurts.

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