17 Comments on “Storm Talk – Invasion™/Norm Duke”

  1. Glad to see your healthy Norm! Let’s see 3 shows second half. I gave you a Kungyo cd has it helped?

  2. My fav bowler equipped with the strongest ball that Storm has created. A lot of shows second half and a major in the works, I’m gonna be a pro one day signed with storm the best bowling company and hope to bowl one day with Norm cause he’s a class act and a hell a bowler, Go Stormin’ Norman!!

  3. gotta get there first…but you can’t ask to be signed on by them..they pick their representatives

  4. indeed i would trust norm’s opinion over anyone else’s considering his resume and the success he’s had with storm’s equipment and continues to have my next ball will definetly be a storm no brainer

  5. Can’t wait to get it on thursday cause i think i can use it to my advantage as i am a stroker and i have low revs and a mid ball speed

  6. @vampire11367 hey dude i just got the invasion and getting it drilled for usbc pepsi tournament this week. So i get back to you about the invasion. My friends have the V.G. and say it is all right. They also say it is real ugly going down lane. I think so too.

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