6 Comments on “Storm Viral Video with Norm Duke and Robert Smith”

  1. If this is a Storm Video, Why do you Have Danny Wiseman at 0:39 throwing a Morich Ravage. At the USBC Masters.

  2. Just watched the finals of the 22 USBC Masters, Duke vs. Simonson. So, the blow hard Simonson, after winning by a handful of pins, declares that “no one can stop us.” Wow, despite the outcome being undecided until the last couple of frames, no modesty, no congratulations to the guy who almost beat him (Duke), no sportsmanship whatsoever. What a jerk. The PBA needs to insist on some modest demonstration of sportsmanship. Who the hell is the “us” in Simonson’s comment? Where do these clowns come from? People like Simonson offend anyone who knows how fortunate anyone is to win any competitive event. “No one can stop us.” Really? He needs a good lesson in reality. Hopefully, it’s the last tournament this creep wins in a long, long time.

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