Stu Williams Pops 300 In Match Play At The 2019 PBA Players Championship

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Stu Williams delivers three perfect shots in the final frame to shoot 300 in match play at the 2019 PBA Players Championship.


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9 Comments on “Stu Williams Pops 300 In Match Play At The 2019 PBA Players Championship”

  1. As the 3 strikes at the end were all on the same lane i take it was a proper 300, 12 strikes in a row and not this stupid 10 strikes there doing in lots of tournaments.

    1. @TraumaER No i dont know any bowler that does iv bowled for nearly 40 years the 10th frame is much more exciting when you have to bowl 3 strikes anyone could get 1 lucky strike which counts as 30 and when its a matchplay game makes it even better.

    2. @peteiswriteingnow No I agree. It’s stupid. And lately the 10th frame has saved many of my games as I usually can strike 3 in a row in the 10th than I can any other point in a league game. I think it’s the ability to stay on the approach and go one after the other. Similar to practice.

    3. I am with you. It’s not that I am against change or anything, but I can’t stand that silly format. It’s not just the 10th frame, it also removes the excitement of getting strikes in a row.

    4. Plus it removes the skill you need to adjust to 2 lanes. If you are lost on one lane, you still get 30 points if you figured out the other one. A huge component of bowling is to be able to figure out both lanes to cash in on consecutive strikes. With that scoring system that’s basically gone.

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