Super Slow Motion Bowling Releases at the PBA – Full HD!

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Attention Athletes! These are the PBA stars in Super Slow Motion, Full HD at 60fps!

Just sit down, make sure to watch in HD at 60fps, and enjoy! You can learn how the PBA Pros hook or "curve" the bowling ball simply by just watching them doing it.

There is no "right" or "wrong" way to do it. You can modify your release depending on the oil pattern and bowling ball you're using. Capici? Hope this really helps you out in practice.

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0:00 AJ Johnson
00:47 Anthony Simonsen
1:20 Bill Oneil
1:47 BJ Moore
2:14 Brad Miller
2:51 Chris Via
3:20 Darren Tang
3:55 EJ Tackett
4:22 Francois Lavoie
4:48 Jason Belmonte
5:24 Jesper Svensson
6:00 Kris Prather
6:27 Kyle Troup
6:55 Marshal Kent
7:24 Michael Coffey
7:57 Michael Martell
8:16 Michael Tang
8:43 Norm Duke
9:13 Tom Smallwood
9:40 Tommy Jones
10:12 Dick Allen
10:39 Nathan Bohr
11:10 Ryan Ciminelli
And more shots ahead…

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25 Comments on “Super Slow Motion Bowling Releases at the PBA – Full HD!”

  1. Leave a comment with your favorite bowler’s name to enter a drawing for a bowling ball. Details coming up in the next video!!!
    P.S. Like the video!!!… please? 😁😁😁 You da best, thank you!

  2. Love the younger guys, but Norm Duke is still my favorite. incredible longevity and savvy athletic intelligence. Amazing, all-time great.

    1. His ball choices are CONSISTENTLY bad and, when he was with Storm, his reps had no idea how to help him. Tbh he seems really, REALLY resistant to making adjustments of any kind.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Make sure to watch the other 2 EJ Videos in our channel to watch more shots from him 🙂

  3. I wish I could bend the lane like that, but being a lefty most of the time I don’t need to. That’s the advantage and disadvantage of being a lefty. Your swing is the product of your environment.

  4. Love Darren Tang’s game. His steps and backswing kinda remind me of PDW.
    I’ve been trying for years to develop those types of releases but I keep letting my hand around the ball too much and not under the ball enough.

  5. I am too old. I can’t even watch these two handed bowlers. Just watch the first step and you can tell if they are two handed. I used to have to tape my pinky on my bowling hand. I never knew why until right now.

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