Superhuman Rev Rate for Joachim Karlsson at 2016 USBC Masters

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Analysis for Sweden's Joachim Karlsson tracks his rev rate at an incredible 600 rpm. Filmed at the 2016 USBC Masters.

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34 Comments on “Superhuman Rev Rate for Joachim Karlsson at 2016 USBC Masters”

  1. Lets see some footage of Ken Simard, I haven’t seen anything from him since the 2008 scorpion championship

    1. Wyatt Williams he used to be able to do about 650, now he usually sits between 540 and 590 for more control, but I’m sure he can do 650 if he needs to

  2. Robert Smith was the guy. 625+plus he won like 6-7 titles on tour! they start giving HOF thoughts to players with 10 titles. How was he not considered successful. The man’s game is derailed by fibramialga. Don’t know how to spell it. No telling what he could have done.

    1. He has 6-7 titles on tour. One of them is the US Open. What are you even talking about?

    2. I just looked at the PBA page. He does have 7 titles, and one major. Perhaps I just saw that and mixed it up in my head. Sorry about that lol

    3. Actually I know what happened. I mixed ROBERT Smith with BRYON Smith, who only has 1 title. Sorry about that again.

    4. Bryon Smith is one of the most under appreciated players to ever live. Any other player with a similar career statistic of one major title and nothing else hasn’t had nearly the longevity that Bryon has. The PBA league has revitalized his public recognition, but no player with a similar career has been nearly as successful.

  3. I wonder how much physical exertion goes into getting that many revs and how sustainable it will be 4 his career. watching it is a thing of beauty; I just wonder how long a person can do that over the course of some thousands of games.

    1. TboneLee you actually don’t have to put a shitload of energy into it. It’s about how fast you can “yo-yo” the ball.

    2. @Virginian thanx a lot. I appreciate it. now my challenge is 2 discover what I need 2 practice and how 2 practice it.

    3. TboneLee sometimes it isn’t possible for a person to get a release like that, but you can always work to get better at what you can do

    1. bob vespi’s rev rate isn’t even close to the people you listed other than malott. he’s like 450-475 rpm. robert smith was normally around 550, tackett is around 500. most two-handers are 525+.

  4. I question the longevity of two handed bowling… with the twisting of the hips.. back etc… it seems like it would be extremely difficult to do as you get older.. say in 40’s…. especially in 50’s and 60’s…. just saying. unless you keep yourself in extremely great shape like Amleto Monacelli.

  5. if they wanna ban 2 handers wouldnt they have to ban a guy like this too? even more powerful than belmo but a one hander

  6. You can crank the ball harder than a 2 hander, it’s not necessarily an advantage to bowl 2 handed cause I can list a ton of 1 handed bowlers who crank it and a ton of 2 handers that don’t, it’s all in the wrist motion…

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