TBT: 2003 PBA Pepsi Open Finals

The wildcard, semifinals and championship match of the 2003 PBA Pepsi Open feature Jeff Smith, Mike Scroggins, Jason Couch, Lonnie Waliczek and Steve Wilson.

Originally aired on ESPN November 2, 2003 from Spectrum Lanes in Wyoming, Michigan.

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10 Comments on “TBT: 2003 PBA Pepsi Open Finals”

  1. There were awesome split and washout Conversions of the 2 10, 2 4 10, 4 7 10, and many other splits and washouts in the televised finals of the Pepsi Classic.

  2. Been looking for this telecast for a while now I always thought couch hooked the lane i like when he does that of few lefties to do that well

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