TBT: 2004 PBA Chicago Open Finals

The semifinals and championship match of the 2004 PBA Chicago Open feature Brian Voss, Chris Johnson, Brian Himmler and Rick Steelsmith.

Originally aired on ESPN November 7, 2004 from Hawthorn Lanes in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

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9 Comments on “TBT: 2004 PBA Chicago Open Finals”

  1. the tv matchups between Brian Voss and Brian Himmler were in the 1st match of the 1995 Touring Players Championship, the Semi Final Match of the 1999 Albuquerque Open, and the title match of the 2004 Chicago Open in the 2004-2005 Season

  2. Himmler saying he gets chills from the National Anthem is the most American thing I’ve seen in a while, goes to show lol it’s from 2004

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