TBT: 2005 PBA Birmingham Open Finals

The semifinals and championship match of the 2005 PBA Birmingham Open feature Tore Torgerson, Patrick Allen, Chris Barnes and Mike DeVaney.

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8 Comments on “TBT: 2005 PBA Birmingham Open Finals”

    1. Retired because of his knee and not being able to compete much with the new guys
      Nowadays heโ€™s running a pro shop in NY or somewhere

    2. Homefield Bowl in Yonkers NY. Hard to compete with the 2 handers at your peak. But bad knee and what not. Not a bad time to retire imo.

  1. Everybody knows Tore from Europe. Occasionally he does the pba-50 stop. Patrick Allen how he became a HOF bowler. Barnes we all know his history of greatness. As for DeVaney didn’t win many titles but made shows. Always entertaining to watch.

  2. Wait did the same guy in the stands get 2 free bowling balls?? Wtf lol why did Barnes give the ball to guy that JUST got one from Devaney??

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