TBT: 2005 PBA El Paso Classic Finals

The semifinals and championship match of the 2005 PBA El Paso Classic feature Joe Ciccone, Robert Smith, Chris Barnes and Parker Bohn III.

Originally aired on ESPN January 16, 2005 from Oasis Lanes in El Paso, Texas.

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14 Comments on “TBT: 2005 PBA El Paso Classic Finals”

  1. 53:45 where Robert Smith left the 8-10 and 1:00:20 on where he guttered is what I remember the most during this event.

  2. Joe had a really nice physical game, but unfortunately he folded under pressure a lot. This was an exception where he just threw one bad shot and had some blower 10 pins, but he still scored very well. It’s kind of rough to throw a 247 and STILL lose in the opening match.

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