TBT: 2005 PBA Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service Open Finals

The stepladder finals of the 2005 PBA Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service Open feature Brian Voss, Amleto Monacelli, Mike Wolfe and David Traber.

Originally aired on ESPN February 13, 2005 from AMF Riviera Lanes in Fairlawn, Ohio.

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14 Comments on “TBT: 2005 PBA Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service Open Finals”

  1. I kinda know he had itanly in him just hear his name doesn’t sound spanish like my last name! sound more itanly

  2. What’s awesome is Amleto throws the ball this beautifully still today. One of my all time favorites.

  3. Amleto has always been one of my favorite bowlers to watch, this was a great show too but also pretty crazy and PAINFUL to watch with the 2nd match specifically!

  4. I miss watching Amleto bowl. One of my favorites of all time. His approach was so smooth and beautiful. I tried to bowl like him when I was young. Nowhere near as good as him, but I tried, lol. Happy to see this video uploaded. Absolute legend.

  5. You know I just don’t understand these players. When I was bowling regularly I’d start off with my normal shot. And when it was not working or I was struggling and another player was bowling good and carrying I didn’t hesitate to switch. And I know that these pro players today know this information that when you leave a 10 pin or a seven pin for lefties there is something you can do. One thing you can do is change the speed. Horse as we all know that’s really difficult to do. Now what the other thing is is to change the angle that the ball is hitting the pocket depending on if it’s a weak 10 or a ringing ten. So usually when it was a ringing can I would move my approach up towards the pins by the shoe size of my foot. And if that worked great if I still left 10 pins then I would move backwards on the approach by the distance of my shoe. Majority of the times that worked perfectly. I was a PBA card caring member but only bowled in regional tournaments except for a couple of Masters because they were close to my location one was in my hometown and the other one was in Tulsa so I just don’t understand players today Brian Foss should have moved inside swung the ball out Traber same

  6. Wonderful. I got to watch three PBA games without having to fast forward through one or more games to avoid having to watch silly unnatural two handed bowling.

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