TBT: 2008 Lumber Liquidators Earl Anthony Medford Classic Finals

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The semifinals and championship match of the 2008 Lumber Liquidators Earl Anthony Medford Classic feature Wes Malott, Parker Bohn III, Rhino Page and Patrick Allen.

Originally aired live on ESPN January 13, 2008 from Lava Lanes in Medford, Oregon.

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28 Comments on “TBT: 2008 Lumber Liquidators Earl Anthony Medford Classic Finals”

  1. Omg! One of my favorite pba events ever. This final match was awesome. 😉 i love watch the matches Malott vs. Rhino…

  2. What a perfect way to start my birthday!! I love this telecast so much! Thanks PBA

  3. Here is another great tournament to watch while waiting for this Saturdays pba tour finals

    1. Wait i think you live eastern time in the USA so what time is that because i live in the north east usa

  4. 34:07 – The 4 pin goes down by a messenger for Wes Malott’s Hambone!
    36:48 – One time for Motel 6!
    39:14 – The most pure strike ever from Parker Bohn III.
    43:17 – Wes Malott leaves a ringing 7 10 split.
    1:02:37 – Wes Malott gets the biggest break on the 10 pin.

  5. Semifinal 1
    Patrick Allen: 190
    Rhino Page: 230

    Semifinal 2
    Parker Bohn III: 235
    Wes Malott: 245

    Title Match
    Rhino Page 193
    Wes Malott: 255

    Wes Malott wins!

    (Come on spoiler haters, let’s see what you got!)

  6. Big Wes has one of the best releases ever on tour. Great control of his hand position his entire throw is so fluid and effortless.

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