TBT | First PBA Tour Title | Osku Palermaa Wins 2010 PBA Shark Championship

Osku Palermaa won his first PBA Tour title in the 2010 PBA Shark Championship.

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11 Comments on “TBT | First PBA Tour Title | Osku Palermaa Wins 2010 PBA Shark Championship”

    1. @Jake Snussbuster and his opponent shot less than 160. like what…… in championship match? yeah no, bowler’s are some of the most physically inept “athletes” 🙂 even on a dead flat red brick you see amateurs averaging 180. even when they’re lofting the left gutter. nice try though. im sure belmo was just “that good” though right? (and i bowl 2 handed lol)

    2. @Noah Whipkey its a 1 game match, a bad bowler could score well, and a great bowler could score poorly. outliers and statistical anomalies exist and i think youre failing to recognize that, and failing to recognize they probably both averaged like 240 on that pattern just to get to that point.

  1. If it’s not Belmo, I definitely miss seeing this man on TV. I’d love to see him win after many years of trying for a 6th title. I love his simple yet powerful form and release, breaking spilts up, throwing messengers, and overall just *pounding* the pocket strike after strike. 🎳
    (And yes, even the cannon-like spare shots. Lol)

  2. For those who are wondering why they were scoring so low on this pattern, it’s the SHARK oil pattern. Back then Shark was considered one of the lower-scoring patterns (I do not know the details about the current one, as PBA has changed its conditions from back then) and on top of that, high-rev players like Belmonte and Palermaa had already burned up a LOT of oil on the lanes before the Final match, forcing the players to keep moving left until having to loft the ball over the left gutter (since the outside part of the lanes on Shark is nearly unplayable). This also meant that the spare game became crucial, and MacLelland fell short with that when he left a split 4 times during the final (plus a washout to begin the match).

    Though Shark is a relatively long pattern (I think it was around 43ft?), it’s a medium-volume pattern so the oil burns up quickly as the matches go on. You could tell how difficult this pattern was for them when Palermaa decided to just resort to shooting a spare ball on his first shot near the end. At 0:49 it shows the scores in the first 3 matches before the final, and they kept getting lower and lower from match 1 to 3.

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