Team USA vs. Germany for the singles gold medal at MWC

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Team USA's Walter Ray Williams Jr. takes on Germany's Kai Gunther in the singles gold medal match at the 2008 World Tenpin Bowling Association Men's World Championships on Friday, Aug. 29 in Bangkok, Thailand. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

15 Comments on “Team USA vs. Germany for the singles gold medal at MWC”

  1. Germany adapted to the lanes alot better. Seemed like USA could never find the mark, heck, looked like they never tried to find the mark.

  2. germany adapter better?? yea cuz plowing through the face, then in the tenth flaggin the headpin when you need to strike is adapting real well

  3. yea the two shots that could of won the match for him..he nutted that shot on the right lane in the 8th, then misses the headpin on the next shot on that lane…no room to talk at all

  4. i dont know why anyone would thumbs down that comment, i mean he did not hit the pocket every ball… a few two pins? not pocket people…

  5. To bad Walter Ray won…he cost me a pro am years ago in Japan and had a whoop de do attitude about it…he’s a great bowler but a loser in life…

  6. I think your just mad you lost. I’d be happy as hell for winning anything. And if bowling is your life, which I’m sure it is for him, he’s probably happy anytime he wins. You would be too.

  7. No, I was in the lead with 120 bowlers and he had a six bagger going into the 10th. He looked at me and said “watch this”…he moved way left which he wasn’t near playing and swung the ball way right. The ball checked up way early went through the nose and left a 4-6 split which sent me from first to fourth and out of the money…all he said was oh well…

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