The 2022 PBA Tour Season Recap | Anthony Simonsen Wins U.S. Open.

Anthony Simonsen defeated EJ Tackett to win the 2022 U.S. Open.

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11 Comments on “The 2022 PBA Tour Season Recap | Anthony Simonsen Wins U.S. Open.”

  1. Is the PBA tour even a thing anymore? How long has it been since the last tv show? Are all these videos tributes to the PBA? It’s not gonna get a lot of new youth into the tour if there’s only 7 titles a year

    1. …what? This is how long the season lasts. And they have plenty of young bowlers that are dreaming of joining one day. You can thank Belmonte, the GOAT, for that.

    2. @Chris Haney no, he has a point. the seasons are significantly shorter nowadays and more events would always be a plus. you can’t just rebut that with “This is how long the seasons lasts.” Also failing to see what mentioning belmo gains you here when the argument is about season length.

    3. @Daniel Mullinix Well the only way to get more tour stops onto television is more money being pumped into the PBA without money it’s gonna stay the same like 14 events each year from January to like May-June

  2. Anthony Simonsen is really good on the lanes and he’s a very dangerous bowler that’s all I can say congratulations dude💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    1. It probably hurt so much because he was the leader by so much during qualifying and match play. He bowled so well the whole tournament and had a bad game when it mattered the most. Feels bad

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