The 2022 PBA Tour Season Recap | Belmo Wins PBA Players Championship

Jason Belmonte opened the 2022 PBA Tour season with his 14th career major championship, defeating Sean Rash in the championship match of the PBA Players Championship.

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15 Comments on “The 2022 PBA Tour Season Recap | Belmo Wins PBA Players Championship”

    1. Yes, yes he is. The things he’s been able to accomplish in a VERY short amount of time juggles my thinking box.

    1. btw idk if you were saying this also looking for help but, as a two hander righty, try to push the ball more then throw as you might a urethane or reactive ball. but literally same response from me in league lol I am getting better at hitting it tho

    2. @TC Gaming nah it was just a joke I get my ten pins almost every time, coincidentally I get it better on sport than house shots

  1. Only 8 comments?? This is great. I guess bowlers don’t do youtube?
    Any way just thinking about how awful some bowlers (looking at you little Petey) were to Belmo in the beginning. Well… look who’s on top AGAIN. Pete Weber is just the worst ambassador for bowling ever. Glad we don’t have to watch his nonsense any more.
    Troup and Belmo are so good for bowling.
    My son picked up the 2 handed shot many years ago because of Belmo. So happy he did.
    Rub it in Belmo. Rub it in.

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