The 2022 PBA Tour Season Recap | EJ Tackett and Marshall Kent Win Roth/Holman Doubles Championship

EJ Tackett and Marshall Kent won the 2022 PBA Roth/Holman Doubles Championship.

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6 Comments on “The 2022 PBA Tour Season Recap | EJ Tackett and Marshall Kent Win Roth/Holman Doubles Championship”

  1. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine sleepfriendd.Online Brünette und eine andereb Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

  2. Is this bowling show current? Today’s Date is: 9 /14 /2022.. I don’t want to watch an old bowling show just because it claims to be 2022 — that doesn’t mean nothing, plus bowling is a game that I used to be serious about, but in my life as from Experience myself with the uncertainty of getting a Strike, and learning much earlier in my life that bowling is just a game of chance, in other words sort-of smoke and mirrors chance of ever getting anywhere as a professional bowler. And so I quit and I’m glad that I know even when you have all of the science worked out it is only a game of Spares not strikes at the end of the day, and it will always be that way until they somehow eliminate lane conditions. but in my years of experience i’ve found no cure for the game., at least the way it is now.

    Oh also one might mention having a common sensical understanding of it. but I really didn’t understand the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle until later-on in my life, but that principle some-it-up. It’s like planetary motion: there is no one hundred percent Certainty that the earth will travel around the Sun the same way every year, and that path is called the Migrational Path I believe, also other planets and all bodies in the universe travel that way. anyway to put that in short.— you just can’t get quite the same path — you can’t even walk on the cross walk on the same steps every day, nor the path unless you’ve found a way to control the steps accurately, and it’s just like time if god originally created time which he did then Perhaps you would need to have a universe set-aside for that possible time travel event in history, but some how you would have to accommodate it somehow, but i even haven’t worked out that myself. but I don’t want to get overly complicated with this short comment though.

    Anyway bowling can still be fun if your not watching to get every 10 pin down, and it’s fun if you can just count is as a strike. Because I’m not looking to see whether or not it’s a strike or not, but instead I’m concerned whether it’s a reasonblely good ball. but you can still have fun as long as it’s cheap of course.

    But anyway bowling is not a sure game, and no pros are really any better than normal people, but most of the time they usually have a higher understanding, and they sometimes do better most of the time, but this game is possible for anybody to win because even when you know about lane conditions, and know that it must carry before it hooks enough at the end of the shoot, and you know that it sometimes needs more room and less carry, and also depends upon lane conditions.

    Well I just wanted to know the date because I only want to watch current shows like with Rand Peterson, and his host, but i like to watch up to date programs because bowing isn’t worth watching reruns unless your listening to an instructional video with earl Anthony, or don johnson or something because that’s always fun. Just want to know the date?

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