The Emotional Side of Walter Ray Williams Jr.

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See the G.O.A.T of bowling, Walter Ray Williams Jr., like you've never seen him before.


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20 Comments on “The Emotional Side of Walter Ray Williams Jr.”

  1. Interesting fact about Walter Ray Williams and me is that my dad and him were best friends as kids. My grandfather was the one that taught him how to throw horseshoes back in the day. So it’s interesting to see him on TV and know the connection

  2. If there is ever a goat in the sport its Walter here is a guy like brady . a real sports hero never turn you down for a picture or a autograph a real competitor and a great guy that will allways represents his brand .thank you sports hero

  3. I am a 76 year old bowler, and I know how tough it is to bowl when you get older. I don’t think Walter Ray will ever win another tournament on the regular tour, but he is doing well on the senior tour. I think he is a really great fellow, but I have never met him. Being from Missouri, I have met Pete Weber, and he is a lot of fun, even though he does get carried away sometimes. I wish Walter Ray the very best in all that he tries to do. I would love to meet him sometime.

  4. Had the dame home center as wrw while he lived in ocala fl. Been to his one of his clinics and a lesson. Not sure how he every got a bad reputation he was always a good guy when I was around. I think his new wife has helped the resurgance in his career as a pro.

  5. i’ll never forget Bowling on the same pair of lanes with him in my first tour apperance. Bigger than life but a real down to earth guy!

  6. Walter…’re going to be the first PBA50 national champion at the age of 80…..I’ll guarantee it….Keep it rolling, you’re a good man !!!

  7. WRW likes em BIG! His ex-wife was huge, lost weight, and divorces her or maybe she divorced him. Goes back to the biggums! Nobody wants to die alone. I never liked WRW Jr, I repect his success, but I have to put him in the bucket of things/teams/players, that I just dont like.

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