The Incredibly Unique Style of Tim Cagle II At The 2018 PBA Double Decker Lanes West/Northwest Open

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Tim Cagle II used his incredibly unique delivery to make the stepladder finals at the 2018 PBA Double Decker Lanes West/Northwest Open.


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48 Comments on “The Incredibly Unique Style of Tim Cagle II At The 2018 PBA Double Decker Lanes West/Northwest Open”

  1. There are hundreds of ways to approach the foul line and release the ball. But the only thing that really matters is how well you score. Tim scores well. Enough said.

    1. You are not really allowed to throw the ball on the lane.. especially in league games. Enough said!!

  2. That’s a very interesting approach to getting the ball down the lane. Unconventional but who cares? There’s no points for style in this game.

    1. I think the way he bowls is illegal. He literally is manipulating the bowl with both hands. It’s been awhile since I bowled in a league but I am sure that type of manipulation is bowling with both hands.

    2. @Jim Scheidt have you watched bowling at all in the last few seasons? A lot of the younger pros are using a form of two hand bowling, many without a thumb hole drilled. It’s only a matter of time before the traditional throw is phased out. The two handed throw reduces stress on the wrist, elbow and bicep while increasing ball speed and rpm.

    1. lol good one, he needs to make a ‘how to’ for this. I can imagine a majority of the qualifying block doing this.

    1. @Juergen Haessinger- Thank….Youuuuu! Finally someone with some sense who is talking from experience and not from “feelings.”

    2. @Confuzion Palace – I love it! Have you been back bowling recently? I hadn’t bowled since I got out of the military 10 years ago but I’ve accidentally found myself and the family addicted to it all over again recently. Lol 🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. @Swiftayzz I never said I cared about how he throws the ball. In fact I like how it’s unique. I just made a joke about how his throw looks like a chest pass. What’s ur problem?

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