The PWBA Podcast – Fall Classic Series Practice Session

We're live from Reno and the National Bowling Stadium for the official practice session at the PWBA Fall Classic Series! Watch the top athletes on the #PWBATour prepare for the upcoming Reno Classic, Pepsi Classic and Tour Championship.

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2 Comments on “The PWBA Podcast – Fall Classic Series Practice Session”

  1. This channel could single-handedly destroy any interest one has left for watching the PWBA Tour.
    1. Jerky, stuttering video, with dropped frames galore. Looks like 360p.
    2. Terrible audio quality, especially on-lane, desynched and horribly muffled.
    3. Commentators peddling BowlTV sub ad nauseum. You would have be nuts to pay for this rubbish, and I guess nobody is buying.
    Ticks all the boxes…

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