This is MY HOUSE

Tom Daugherty proclaims AMF University Lanes in Tampa to be his house following his win in the 2021 PBA Scorpion Championship.

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10 Comments on “This is MY HOUSE”

  1. yes it was your house and the unusual pinfall during those matches there made that evident, by the way are you still using that giant pinky hole(aka weight hole)??

  2. Cool event to watch. That trip 2-8 in the previous shot might legitimately be the single luckiest break I have ever witnessed in 20 years of bowling.

  3. Congrats Tom. I met you at a PBA 50 pro am event and I never forgot your kindness. You encouraged me every shot and in the end it made a world of difference. My last game I was beaten by some young pro I’d never heard of. He was all up in my face that he got a no tap 300. Then I thought of your encouragement and graciousness and turned to this jerk and said., congratulations, but I bowled a 279 all real strikes. I never looked back. So thank you.

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