Tom Daugherty Nails Final Round 300 At The 2019 US Open

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Tom Daugherty put together a perfect game during the final round of match play at the 2019 U.S. Open.


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12 Comments on “Tom Daugherty Nails Final Round 300 At The 2019 US Open”

  1. Nice!
    That ball motion was weird to me. If anyone knows the nerdy stuff about ball motion, Could you answer a question?
    That ball rolled way before the pins, but still had a bit of deflection. Am I right in thinking that the ball had a Strong core, but weak surface grit?

    1. tom knew. it wasnt really about the ball surface, it was just deciding whether to use more angle or more forward roll. thats why his second shot was high flush. he tried to give it a little more angle, was too close of a call, last shot he probably gave it alot more forward roll to make it carry better, but also laid the shot down a little faster to get the length and pured the last one. but if youre asking about the ball it looked like it was a strong symmetrical, maybe shined up from lane shine and probably drilled pin center above the fingers. that little of entry angle without any axis tilt usually means its the natural movement of the core. Very difficult 300 to pull off he had lots of disadvantages with ball motion going into the 10th.

    2. @tackywacky99 I mean you’re part right. You’re getting to statistical. It’s a 38ft flat pattern. I’m 100 percent positive urethane was thrown on these lanes. The reason the ball deflects off the pins is because he’s using a low grit ball pry at 3000 finish. The urethane creates a bit of carry down. So his ball is pry finishing later in the pocket like it’s supposed to. That’s why these guys open up the lanes and hook so much is for pin deflection. That’s how you get messengers and what not. It has nothing to do with his roll. He’s playing well left of 35 and keeping it inside of 17. If he’s that deep he is heaving rolling the ball each time

    1. Stop complaining and accept the fact that bowling world now evolved. We saw so many styles around the world. Even in Handphone now these days have evolved from keypad to touch screen.

    2. Tom has 6 titles and has been bowling for almost 20 years I don’t think he need you to tell him how to bowl. I guarantee his 2 finger throw looks more clean the however you throw it. You pry just got a big head because you’re averaging 205 at your local house, but start bowing for money dude let’s see how great you are

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