Top 10 Crazy PBA Crowd Reactions

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Another month has passed by since I've last uploaded. Unbelievable! Unfortunately, I still don't have any sort of solid schedule until the middle of May. Besides the point, please enjoy the first video I've edited on my phone for the channel!! - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

39 Comments on “Top 10 Crazy PBA Crowd Reactions”

    1. @Bowling Planet Then I think you did great because the crowd reactions went from quietest to loudest

    2. To be honest, for your first attempt on a Top 10, with new editing and on your phone, I think you did a very good and brilliant job. Can’t wait to see future videos with this new, slick editing style.

    1. If those clowns are always yelling it doesn’t mean anything when they do. I can’t stand watching bowling there, this is supposed to be a competitive sport like golf or tennis.

    2. I personally love watching matches at Bayside, I think they make the atmosphere a lot better and turn it from an extremely competitive sport to a fun and competitive sport

    1. Arguably the sloppiest 300 on television though. So many lucky hits. But, very few 300s are high-flush and 10 back every time. Luck almost always plays a role, especially on PBA patterns.

    2. ​@Matthew 300 is still a 300 lol! He had a lot of joke strikes, but they all look the same on the scoreboard.

  1. Bob Learn 300, arena finals, hometown crowd?

    Basically any 300 that was shot when the PBA aired on Saturday afternoons on ABC.

    A lot of these are Rob Stone going nuts.

  2. 7:02 That happened to me too at another alley! Shut the lights off but instead I left a 2-8-10.

  3. You should do close split converstions, like 7-10 or 8-10. Ex: Anthony Simonsen almost converting the 7-10 in vegas. Edit: Complimation of split conversions

    1. @SwiftyAnkles I do. In fact, bowling is one of my favourite sports ever. Thank you for bringing it up.

    2. I feel like my skills are not gonna be so great as usual after I go back to the alley when it reopens lmao

  4. “Fan costing the match” seems a bit excessive. When you pure a shot like that and leave a ringing 7, that’s just plain bad luck.

    1. Yeah, but it was too far to the outside aswell, and considering the fan yelled right before his release, could have cause him to not catch it properly at the bottom, thus the ringing 7. Either way the fan should not have screamed in the middle of his approach

  5. Just wanted to say how enjoyable this was to watch. I think the clips were really well edited together, especially showing all of the 10th frame and not just the last ball.
    Many thanks from Manchester, England.

  6. This was great!!! There needs to be a top 10 Rob Stone calls. I know people don’t like him but he’s a fan when he calls it. There should also be a top 10 Norm Duke reactions as well

  7. 2019 lubbock sports open when rash missed the 10 pin, that was a huge reaction, also when bill O’Neil split in the 10 against Shafer in the 2011 us open first show

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