41 Comments on “Top Star Bowling #42 Don Carter versus Billy Golembiewski”

  1. Anyone know the date of this show/series?  I actually did once bowl against Billy Golembiewski, but I honestly do not remember this show.

    1. +George LeCain There does not seem to be a Private Message system connected with your name, George. However, if you are on Facebook, you WILL find me. I’m now living in NH. When I bowled in North Reading I was living in Amesbury.

    2. @toscodav I actually did guess correctly. If you notice I said his initials might be DL. I was correct!

  2. I met Don in 1960 when I attended his instructors school.  Nice man, friendly, and a true gentleman

  3. My greatest moment in bowling was in 1964 at the Northern California Open PBA Tournament at Country Club Lanes , Watt Ave in Sacramento ,Calif. On lanes 5-6 I kept score for Don Carter

  4. Don Carter in his prime was the best bowler I ever saw! He was extremely confident and threw a semi-roller that “dove” into the pocket. During his prime they used to call his pocket action “Carter Magic”! I always felt his change to Ebonite was a mistake.

  5. Don Carter was my bowling hero back in the day. Being a lefty, I became a big fan of the late, great, Earl Anthony. I always thought of Earl as the left-handed Don Carter. Sure seemed ‘odd’, Don using something other that the black rubber ball he always used.

    1. Joe Buck is ALL the announcer Joe Buck is. It is unfair to compare the two because they’re different people in different times.

    2. @Cats01 Yes they are and Jack Buck was WAY better than little Joey boy….and Don Carter is to bowling what Arnold Palmer is to golf. The both made their sports popular, and they both not only were great at their sports; they were great gentlemen, too…..Talent, class and character…..you’ll find very, very few athletes like that these days….goes with the times we’re in….downhill !

  6. I wish pba bowling was like this for a few t.v. shows, the commentiors was so close to the bowlsers and had very little space and you can here everything the commentiors say
    It would be awesome 😎.

  7. Amazingly I bowled with Don Carter and his wife Paula, on a league in Miami Florida at his 24 hour lanes, Don Carter’s Kendall Lanes back while he was still bowling. Great times. He was a true gentleman and sportsman.

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