Top Star Bowling #9 Don Carter versus Dick Hoover

"Top Star Bowling" – Brunswick's version of "Championship Bowling." Emcee is Jack Buck. Coming from Hoffman Lanes in Hoffman Estates, IL. This week featuring Don Carter,St. Louis, Missouri, and Dick Hoover, Akron, Ohio. The Metro Bowler thanks Sam Lantto, 2015 USBC Hall of Fame inductee, for transferring this video to play on YouTube!

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21 Comments on “Top Star Bowling #9 Don Carter versus Dick Hoover”

    1. Carrie Zhu what do you mean by that comment, are you mocking the fact that he died? Don Carter’s accomplishments are legendary in spite of your juvenile & immature comments.

  1. The days when it didn’t matter how hard you hit the ball. It wasn’t moving. You actually had to hit your mark to strike and spare shooting was key.

  2. I have never seen Don Carter bowl, and I always wondered as he was a star when I was a kid. Bowling in general always paid homage to Don Carter, so I always wondered what he was like bowling. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Don bowl. What a delivery. Very odd. But I guess it’s no worse than the 2 handed bowlers of today. Just unusual. Loved it, Thank you for posting.

  3. I always enjoyed bowling duck pins. To bad big money & TV never televised tournaments of it.

    1. Don Carter was so cool, he could carry ice in his pockets Lol
      Seriously, he was a class act and one of the best bowlers of all time.

  4. all these classic shows I’ve been watching and I’ve literally seen one ten pin left in about 40 of these games over these shows on YouTube. A dime a dozen in today’s game. All the angle of entry and deflection. I’m going back to a rubber ball. EDIT: after watching this show in its entirety, fully retract my statement.

  5. Well……… what can you say about being able to go back in time and SEE the people you only heard of.
    Nice to see hand written scoring again.

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