Two Hands On The Future

Two Hands On The Future chronicles the rise of competitive two-handed bowling in the Professional Bowlers Association. It prominently features the first two-handed PBA Tour champions Jason Belmonte and Osku Palermaa.

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12 Comments on “Two Hands On The Future”

  1. To all old people, wheather you like it or not 2 Handed Bowling is the future of the game. If Youth Bowlers and Young Adults can strike with 2 Hands, let them stick with it ! And quit all these stupid whining because 1. There are still 1 Handed Bowlers all around the world including the current generation of Youth Bowlers and 2. 2 Handers have disadvantages like its harder to master the style and unable to control high revs through Oil transition or Oil Breakdown like during the 2019 PBA Jonesboro Open when Simonsen losts to Norm Duke after he completely trainwrecks on the Right Lane.

    1. Can confirm as someone who’s transitioning from one handed bowling to two, two handed bowling is extremely difficult to learn and master

  2. Lol by showing how it’s easier to create power and revolutions without your thumb in the ball, he just made it much more of a selling point to be 2-handed..nice job Joey.

  3. It’s scary to see 2 handers everywhere in bowling alleys. It’s like their taking over the domination style of bowling.

  4. Belmo has brough a lot of interest back into the sport if you ask me. I used to dislike going bowling until I saw the two handed thing. My scores jumped 100 pins in a week and now I bowl two leagues a night and just can’t get enough.

  5. We can say one thing… if everyone goes to 2 hands in the future, the PBA50 will no longer exist unless they all bowl like a granny. LOL.

  6. Jason Belmonte is one of my personal heroes. As a two handed bowler myself, watching him and Osku inspired me to get better at the game. Working at AMF, practicing tirelessly to just be better. Those men helped me become a better bowler, a better competitor, and honestly a better person. Jason is like Tiger, MJ, TB12, Ronaldo, men who have completely revolutionized their sports by being different and not apologizing for it. The biggest quote I took away from this, “Why would I be like you, if I’m beating you?” Thank you Belmo. Also shout out to my home center, AMF Shrader Lanes, now Bowlero Western in Richmond, VA.

  7. I was 1 handed for 30 plus years, 2 hands is not easy, try it. U will be surprised. I am 2 hands now due to a injury.

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