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Two Hands On The Future chronicles the rise of competitive two-handed bowling in the Professional Bowlers Association. It prominently features the first two-handed PBA Tour champions Jason Belmonte and Osku Palermaa.


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22 Comments on “Two Hands On The Future Trailer”

    1. If that isn’t against the rules and you’re good at that, then sure. Go ahead. “Try” to make that the new Evolution.

    2. @20alphabet I mean, based on the previous comments you’ve made, I’d say your not acting like an educated man despite the big talk; more so a child throwing a tantrum becuase reality isn’t the way you want it to be and the majority of peoples perspective is different from yours. So I don’t think you’re really in the position to be saying any of that.
      Plus, the rules were never against the use of two hands for bowling. The first two handed bowler was Chuck Lande in the 1980s. No one called issues on that because he wasn’t as successful with the approach. Heck, Osku Palermaa came on television with his two handed approach even before Belmonte, but no one called out on him. Only after the success Belmonte has seen have people started really disputing (or more like downright hating) by a small population of the community. If you want to talk about rules, people didn’t have rules back in the early days about any holes becuase bowling initially started with no holes. Thats why it’s called “bowling” not “hooking” or “yanking” because back then people actually rolled or bowled their balls as opposed to yanking it off of their hands to give it more rotations. Back in the 1910s and 1920s, balls only had two holes; one for the thumb and another for a finger. Some people then started drilling three holes to see more success and even then the way they used the holes was different back then; the more popular method was to inserted the thumb, the middle finger, and the index finger and not the ring finger. As history progressed a small group of people realized it was better to use the ring finger in place of the index finger and that caught on because those people were seeing more success. Are you seeing a pattern here? Because I sure do. I’m sorry there were haters back then too saying how drilling holes in the ball should be illegal, or how having three holes should be banned because that gives them an unfair advantage, or how using the ring finger was the wrong way of bowling and so on. If you want to talk about the history of bowling, you have no ground there because that’s just how the sports evolved as it is today.

    3. @Jeon1958able funny how he hasnt responded yet isn’t it last time it took him damn near half a year on other posts

  1. you notice how many titles the people who use 2 hands have compared to the two-handed haters in the video have.

  2. Not a two handed bowler, but I could care less how someone throws their ball. I just focus on my own game. You can throw it between your legs for all I care.

  3. To all 2 Handed Haters, you better shut your mouths cause this is the future beauty of sport and it’s not going away. Don’t try to compare your 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s styles to today cause we don’t care and we Youth Bowlers never watch or born from that era. Plus 2 Handers had also disadvantages on tough oil patterns like 1 Handers.

    Edit: PS: Despite I’m 1 Handed, the 2 Handed Style makes me wanna jump in the Sport of Bowling more with today’s technology.

    1. @20alphabet Like I said. No need to legitimize it at all. Why legitimize it when it was legal from the start? 😉

    1. @20alphabet do you really just go to bowling videos on YouTube looking for people in the comment sections to harass? Is that really how you spend your time?

  4. In my opinion there’s good reasons on why people hate 2 handed bowling and there’s good reasons on why people love 2 handed bowling just from all the stuff I’ve seen/heard I think it’s very interesting. I’d have to say Tim had the best statement in this video. That’s the beauty of the future we don’t know whats going to happen. You never know, 1 handed bowling might become the OG again. I have reason to believe that because 2 handed bowling is harder on the body and when my generation grows up it’ll be interesting to see how their bodies hold up 20-30 years from now. And if it’s hard on their bodies, they won’t want their kids to have a short bowling career, they’d teach them 1 handed which is easier on the body, But it really all depends. Me saying it’s harder on the body for 2 handers is not me hating on them. It’s a true statement for most cases.

    1. From a 2 hander, i 100% agree with this. The future could have people back with 1 hand, or 2 might become normal. Its also quite hard on the body.

  5. I remember Mike Miller throwing “no thumb” one-handed…some time ago… boy! …he was fun to watch! …and controversial.

  6. Two handed bowling is far harder to learn than single handed bowling. The fact that belmo has made a career out of it really shows how talented he is.

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