U.S. Women’s Open – Qualifying – Rd. 2 (A Squad) Preview!

The flat 40-foot condition lived up to the hype earlier today in B Squad, with only five players averaging more than 200 during the eight-game block. Will A Squad put up some bigger numbers? Join us for Game 1 on #BowlTV to take a look from Double Decker Lanes!

For more information, visit BOWL.com/USWomensOpen, and be sure to subscribe to BowlTV.com to watch qualifying and match play leading up to the CBS Sports Network finals on Aug. 31.

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4 Comments on “U.S. Women’s Open – Qualifying – Rd. 2 (A Squad) Preview!”

  1. there Pros no pattern shouldn’t be hard for them and they all are that’s sad so there ain’t really Pros to me there just bowlers

  2. and we have to pay to watch bowling you people are ripping people off when it should be free and yes giveaways when the same people win all the damn time

  3. Had an opportunity to watch A squad yesterday because I live in the area. These ladies are so good . Their dedication and practice. They are professional in every sense of the word. I was impressed with all of them.

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