U20 boys take on Mexico City pattern at 2014 Junior Gold

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BowlTV takes a look at some of the different styles of bowlers at the 2014 Junior Gold Championships at AMF Airport Lanes. The bowlers were facing the 45-foot Mexico City pattern.

The Junior Gold Championships are presented by Ebonite, Columbia 300, Track and Hammer.

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31 Comments on “U20 boys take on Mexico City pattern at 2014 Junior Gold”

  1. I can barley handle a 40 ft pattern. They are 6 years older than me but still. We’re going to see these guys on tour one day

  2. imo many of them needs to take away about 50% of their power and convert it to accuracy. Wesley is good, but the guy in 5:07 is very solid, whats his name?

    1. +Joe Netzel uhmm, I think you misread my comment. I ve never mentioned anything about their performance on that week, but based on their approach and release, IMO they (the majority) were very inconsistent due to the application of excessive power. Also, you can read “… accuracy” followed by a PERIOD then “Wesley is good” (but imo Wes is not as smooth as of yet, he can do way better), but the other guy at 5:07 has a better form, judging purely from the approach and release

    2. Interdicted The guy at 3:16 has better form. He gets his knee deeper and post his shot better without popping up.

    3. Daniel imo is good, but uses excessively his arm and wrist, doesnt look like, at least from the point of view the video was taken, he uses too much his legs. One possible thing is that the pattern they are playing forces them to slow down and get more around the ball.

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