14 Comments on “USBC Coaching: 1-Step Drill”

  1. This is my favorite drills. Really slows down the release and allows you to feel exactly what is happening at the release point.

  2. Sounds great, I plan on trying that next time I go bowling. The only thing I can see annoying if someone is bowling next to you.

  3. This guy lol. It is designed to help you with your follow through. Want to learn bowling fundamentals? Read Bowling Execution. Great book. Want to learn how pros keep it together and stay focused during tournaments? Read Focused for Bowling. Great book also. Thanks.

  4. Has anyone tried using this for their competition technique? I score better using this drill than a 4 or 5 step approach.

    1. Some Guy I just started playing bowling and I simply use this technique and scored better compared to the 4 step technique. It helps me aim better

    2. I started doing this out of necessity mainly because I have a chronic calf muscle pull that can’t withstand the push off into the slide. And I’m old now too. I don’t have the power anymore but I tell you I am incredibly accurate because it slows me down to have checkpoints in the short swing. My arm swing and aim are the same every time and all I do to adjust is move left or right. I know it’s just a house shot, but I am now averaging 215 which is way better than the 190 I did at my best when I was younger

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